Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Creative Alert: CEI Office Coffee

Mz. Kim teamed up with Goddess (@depositdutchess) and created something hot and new. 

From the writing of Goddess (@depositdutchessFantasy comes to life: a femdom clip based on a erotica story. a clip by a Domme based on a story written by a Domme. the story and the clip has the same title "CEI Office Coffee". Go buy it NOW

You can read the story here: LitErotica 

CEI Office Coffee

I know what you all call me: Big Bad Bitch.  I am happy with this title, because I get done.  I also know you've been bad.  I caught you watching nasty porn at work, and now I have you in my hands and can do whatever I want with you.  That's right, call it what you will.  Call it blackmail, call it whatever you want.  If you want to keep your job, you're going to perform for me... WATCH THE VIDEO.

I see that when I mentioned cum eating, your cock got hard.  Well that's not very office-appropriate, is it?  Take your dick out.  I know you won't be able to focus on anything until you jerk that dick and eat your own nasty... WATCH THE VIDEO.

I know what you're into: nasty cum eating pornos.  So I'm going to give you some cum eating instruction.  Every day, I am going to make you jerk off into your coffee.  Every day, I am going to make you eat your own gross cum.  Every day, I am going to remind you of who is boss.

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