Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review: Denied Before My Date

Title: Denied Before My Date
Starring: Domina Snow
Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 551 MB
Format: MP4 
Resolution:  HD 1920x1080

Added: 5/20/17 2:00pm

Domina Snow is ready for her hot date and before she goes out she tells you to stay home. She sits down on the sofa and you on the floor in front of her. Your eyes will be amazed how beautiful she is, her face takes your breath away and when you gaze to her deep cleavage your heart skips a beat.

She tells you that You will be alone with no pleasure at all. She makes it crystal clear that she wants you to accept the fact that you are a cuckold. She doesn’t want you to have orgasms. She wants you fully denied without wearing a chastity device. Your mind will be exploded with questions about your future. Domina Snow will answer them all. Don’t worry.

She comes up with a good efficient method to stop you from having orgasms. This method will serve her in many ways, first it will make sure that you stay denied fully and it can be done alone or with her. And right now she will get you into this method.

Domina Snow gives you specific instruction to follow. There is no way you can get it wrong. And to double your misery she will tease you with her incredible body. She shows her body that her date is going to enjoy. She gives you a good change to look at her perfect butt. She pulls up her dress to see her butt cheeks and g- string. 

But you will be following her orders no matter what.

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Clip Analyzation

The clip was shot in pov style with steady camera.

Monologue: Domina Snow is insanely talented in mindfuck. Her ability to play with words is incredible.

Domina Snow wants you to remain completely denied while she is out for a hot date.

Characterization: Domina Snow is powerful, she will make you do whatever she wants without yelling.

The Editing was down nicely.

Costume design
Domina Snow wears sexy revealing outfit and black g-string

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
”I Don’t care about your orgasms.”

Imagine Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5

This clip takes the cuckold fetish to another level.
Domina Snow uses her great knowledge in CBT to enhance the cuckolding experience. 

Clip Description


Look at me. I'm all dressed up ready to go on a hot date with my newest stud. Oh that's not you, of course. You are going to be here at home wishing you could be graced with my presence like he will be. I wouldn't be caught in public with you ever. Why would I? I hate you. I hate you and your cock that constantly needs jerking. Honestly, I'm sick of how much you need to masturbate to get yourself by in the day. I don't really want you to masturbate at all really. I think we're just going to have to make it too painful to jerk off. C'mon now, punch yourself in the balls. Wait, no I'll do it instead. If you're not man enough to go out with me in public then you're certainly not man enough to be able to use your cock to jerk.

What a pathetic little cuck boy.