Saturday, December 16, 2017

Review: Findom For Hubby

Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 309 MB
Format: MP4 
Resolution:  Full HD 1920x1080

Added: 11/18/17 07:18PM

Your wife Sheridan is sick of you. She is tired of having you in her presence. She doesn’t want to see you again. Even if you role in her life is to work hard and bring money home. And when you come home you start cleaning and she goes out shopping. But she just cant stand seeing you around anymore. This is the harshest thing you will hear from your wife. But you cannot help not to be fascinated by how hot she looks. She is insanely sexy you almost forget what she is telling you. Her eyes have you captive and her face is the most beautiful thing you ever seen.

Your hungry eyes are locked at her charming lips while she is telling you that she wants to be in your bank account. The phone is in her hand and you are looking her slim fingers. She starts talking to the bank about how that you want to put her in the bank account. Her voice is so mesmerizing, you will feel numb. Then she hands the phone to you to confirm. What you will do ? You will spill all your sensitive information while you are staring at her cleavage. 

Then what? Well, your wife is talking to the bank finishing the deal. And you are there with your mouth watering like a zombie. She takes a peak at you and gives you a quick order to jerk off. No talking, just showing you with her hand to jerk off to what is happening to your money right now. She talks normally in the phone and giving you orders to jerk off. Then she tells you to speak to the bank again. Then she finishes the call after making sure that all your money is hers.

She turns to you to explain your new role in her life. She has all the money and you can come over to clean only. Then you fuck off, be homeless because she doesn’t care. You are nothing to her and now you own nothing. She is degrading you and taking everything from you and yet you are jerking off, probably crying as well. She notices that you are pathetically at the edge so she tells you in disgust to cum on yourself. 

Clip Analyzation

The clip was shot in pov style with steady camera.

Monologue: Princess Sheridan is very talented. Her ability to make the viewer feels it’s real and personal is incredible. The whole clip is breathtaking.

Princess Sheridan instructs you to jerk while talking to your bank to take all your money.

Characterization: Princess Sheridan is powerful, she will make you do whatever she wants without yelling.

The Editing was done nicely.

Costume design
Princess Sheridan’s outfit reveals a good view for her incredible cleavage.

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
”Don’t fuck with me. I get what I want.”
“I want you to get off to the fact knowing that you have no control.”

Imagine Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5

This clip has more than one fetish: findom and blackmail
In this clip, Princess Sheridan has shown a very good acting talent. You will defiantly feel it’s real.
The hottest moment EVER is At 3:08 when Sheridan orders you to jerk off.

Clip Description

I figured it's time to streamline the process of taking your money... I mean our money... still not right... MY money. That's more like it. It was easy enough to have you hand all that ca$h over in person but I'm really tired of looking at you. I'll simply call the bank and have them make Me the primary account holder on your, now our, bank account. Don't pretend that you don't like being used, dear hubby. You wouldn't be on your knees jerking off as I put the phone up to your mouth so you can confirm your acceptance to this agreement if you didn't like it.

Cool fantasy, huh? Imagine being married to Me? Pu-lease! LOL! I know... never in a million years would I marry someone who buys these clips. So besides pretending that we ARE married, pretend that you're NOT a fucking femdom clip buying weirdo. That will help with the fantasy seeming real. And speak out loud when I tell you to talk into the phone with your info for the bank. Oh yeah... and get on your knees.