Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Review: Twisted JOI #1

Title: Twisted JOI #1
Starring: Lady Valencia
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 403 MB
Format: MP4 
Resolution:  Full HD 1920x1080
Category: CHASTITY 
Sub Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, Ass, Brunette, Chastity Encouragement, Cum Countdown, Femdom, Goddess, JOI, Lingerie, Mind Fuck, Thong,

Added: 11/30/17

KinkBomb: Clips4Sale:

Lady Valencia has a law for men, she believe that men belong in chastity. For those who refuse this fair law, she has this clip.
The clip starts where Lady Valencia on her lingerie on her bed facing you. She looks stunning, your heart will skip a beat when you see her. 

She tells you that if you are not in chastity already, like you should be, you will have to jerk off to the instruction in this clip. She has designed this clip for those who think they deserve to be out of cages. She makes it clear that this is the only way you can jerk off the other option for you is the cage.

Your hungry eyes will be focusing on her beautiful body. Her sweet voice will go into your brain and her charming eyes will capture you. She will walk you step by step through her twisted jerk off instruction. She will give you specific orders and explain every aspect of progress. You will be full aware what you should do and don’t.  I assure you will be shocked and your mind will stop working for seconds. 

To help you up to maintain an erection for the sake of this clip, Lady Valencia will stand up. She turns over and let you face her sweet bubble ass. She knows how much you love her body. She knows exactly how to make you weak, and how to get that cock of yours rock hard for her. She starts teasing you. No matter what, you can not resist her teasing. Your cock will be hard instantly, but the disturbing sick things that She has already planted in your brain will pull you to the other side.

What do you think you will do? You will be in the middle of two forces each one is going in the other direction. Your poor mind will be fucked for good. And your soul will be tortured as well. 

At the end you have two simple choices; cumming to her twisted mind JOI or accept your fate and  beg her to put you in permanent chastity.

Want to know what Lady Valencia has for you? Want to live a real session with her? Are you brave enough to accept this challenge? Go Now BUY the clip.

Clip Analyzation

The clip was shot in pov style with steady camera.

Monologue: Lady Valencia knows how to control men with her words. She understands how male brain works and she uses that for her advantage. 

Lady Valencia wants you to jerk off to her twisted JOI or lock your dick in chastity.

Characterization: Lady Valencia is so hard to resist. She doesn’t need to yell at you to make you follow orders.

The Editing was down nicely.

Costume design
Lady Valencia wears purple bra and g string..

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
“you didn’t think I was fucked up” 

Imagine Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5

  • Lady Valencia promises that after watching this clip, you will beg her to lock you up in chastity.
  • This clip has more than one fetish.
  • This clip is perfect for anyone wants encouragement to go in chastity.
  • Lots of viewers have been sending Lady Valencia their positive feedback after watching the clip.
  • Lady Valencia is a strong believer in permanent chastity for men.
  • This is the first clip in Lady Valencia’s new "Twisted JOI" series that will be released in future.

Clip Description

Twisted JOI #1
men belong in chastity, but since you refuse to you'll be subjected to only the most disturbing JOI. What is this JOI about? I'm not telling you beforehand. My twisted mind isn't about to let you jerk off before watching. Are you brave? Are you up for a challenge? Can you complete this JOI clip? This is My best work yet and only the first in My new "Twisted JOI" series. By the end of these you'll be begging Me to put you in permanent chastity.