Sunday, October 15, 2017

Review: Ways2Jerk

Title: Ways2Jerk
Starring: Roxana Rae
Price: $13.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 1.526 GB
Format: MP4 
Resolution:  1920x1080

Added: 9/15/17 12:55am

The clips starts with Goddess Roxana laying on the bed next to her slave. The slave is tugging on his cock with two fingers while Roxana is looking at you. She mocks the way you jerk off your cock using one hand. She points out that only men with big cocks are allowed to jerk off that way. But in your case, if you use your whole hand, it will cover your baby dick.
Goddess Roxana laughs at you, while slave demonstrates every thing she says.

Then she sets that rule for you “you should not be jerking off with one hand”. Then she suggests that you should try jerking off with just two fingers. Her slave starts copying, and it feels like this is the right way to do it. Then when she looks at you doing it, it makes her laugh. You look so pathetic and what makes it even more pathetic that this is the only way you can do it. 

Now this is a live comparison between you and real men. How they jerk off and how you do it. This will destroy any kind of manhood you may have. It will render you broken from inside. Goddess Roxana is the best at breaking egos. 

At this point, Roxana thinks she wants to take it to the next level. So if you thought that she is done with you, you are wrong. Because she has another thing for you. She thinks that you don’t even deserve to jerk off in this pathetic way, you must be in panties all time. Yes pull up your panties now, and stimulate yourself with only one finger.

The slave is rubbing himself with one finger, while Roxana tells you how sad for you. She even mentions that how she gets off. Which leads her to say that you really don’t have a dick at all. You have a clit. Do you see where this is going? It is a simple fact, you can see it easily. You are a loser. You are not a man at all. She heavily humiliates you over this. Now she wants you to keep rubbing it just like a girl. She laughs at you more and more.

She wants you to take another step. She orders you to pick up a viberator. Now, it’s not just rubbing. If you have been doubting about your reality, Roxana will hammer you with it. You are a girl, and you will use that viberator like one.

So, from now on, you know how your sex life will be. Thank Goddess Roxana and Buy the clip NOW.

Clip Analyzation

The clip was shot in pov style with steady camera.

Monologue: Roxana Rae is very talented when it comes to her ability to play with words is incredible. For example: She uses the word “rub” instead of jerk. Also she uses “clit to refer to penis. Her words could destroy your manhood gently.

Roxana Rae teaches you ways to jerk off based on your penis size.

Characterization: Roxana Rae is very powerful, she will make you do whatever she wants without yelling.

The Editing was great. no cuts at all.

Costume design
Roxana Rae wears a blue latex.

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
“Obviously your little dick is unfuckable.”

Imagine Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5


  • This clip has more than one fetish: Verbal humiliation, Sissy training and SPH.
  • This clip is remarkable because it has live demonstration from a slave.
  • This clip can be considered as a mesmerize clip as well, where Roxana brainwashes you.
  • This clip is on The Top Selling Content in her store.

Clip Description


Since I will always be too good for you pathetic tiny dick losers, I've decided to do a little jerk off instruction clip to teach you losers how to properly masturbate a pathetic tiny dick that will never be able to pleasure a Woman. As you know, I only fuck well hung Alpha Studs that can fill up My pussy, stretch me out and make me cum. So if you are under 8 you better learn to masturbate because you wont be having sex.
6 to 8 - An average unfuckable boring dick. Average is just that loser, blah, boring, nothing special. Why waste my time faking it with your glorified clit. Even though your not even a hand full, I'll let you grip it with all 5 fingers and jerk your junk like a man.
4 - 6 Inches - Now we are talking small dick loser, below average and only 3 fingers to tug that baby bug.
2 - 4 Inches - RofLMAO, really? Really? That thing qualified as a medical micropenis, and although it should be in panties 24/7, ill let you take it out for a little 2 finger tug.
2 Inches - Not even funny, this is not even a dick anymore, its a dicklette that doesnt get jerked, it gets rubbed with 1 finger in panties like a girl lol.
Under 2 Inches - well this means you are a girl that has a clitty in her panties, I will teach you how to use a vibrator and get your panties wet just like i do when i rub My clit.
Just another public service so the alpha women of the world don't have to deal with your inadequate unfuckable dicklettes!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Series: Glovegasm

Queen Arena Rome has release this Series in two parts. This is something for REAL not fake ! You are a PropQAR who stays in the lane that She has mapped out for you. So she will allow you a once in a lifetime chance to cum with her in the same room. You will get a glovegasm

in Part one Glovegasm 1: Queen Arena will teach and instruct you until you reach your own glovegasm with her hands.

In Part Two Glovegasm 2: you will have the chance to see it live, how QAR gave another slave a glovegasm.

Creative Alert: Beat it and Eat it CBT

Soulless Ginger Miss Rabbit wants you to go into a painful session which will end with you eating your own cum. Well, if you can take Miss Rabbit orders and beat your testicles as she wants. Do you think you will be able to cum after all that??

I like this idea because it mixes between pain and humiliation.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Series: Yoga Instructor Yoga

Goddess Ryan has released hot Series. The theme of it is Yoga. She is your Yoga instructor and she will get you into Toilet Slavery.

Clip #1: Yoga Instructor Yoga Pants Piss - Toilet Slavery

I instruct Yoga in my brown leggings & VS sports bra. Class we are about to begin, looks like we only have one student. I start with yoga posses, bending and wow you are really staring at my ass. Ill give you something to stare at! I have a little accident & you like it!! I then soak them with my golden urine & make you lick and suck me dry, there is no toilet paper and the bathroom in broken. Who would of thought I would have found a PEE slave like you in my yoga studio!You wont be going thirsty! I send you home with these bad boys.

Clip #2: Yoga Instructor makes you pee slave - Leggings Piss Vol. 2

Welcome to the one on one time with your Instructor. Have fun, relax and I hope you get the most out of this class! Have you ever done yoga before? No? Well there are a lot of men that do yoga so dont feel out of place. We go through many of poses as I strip off my top and show you one on one with my sports bra and TIGHT yoga leggings. Lots of ass in your face as we feel the burn together stretching. As I am showing you a stretch Ass to your face I catch you not doing anything, I encourage you to do it then notice your just drooling over my ass. No wonder why you requested a 1 on 1 session! You wanna have a good session, Alright games over. Ill show you who the piece of meat is. I get this ass right up in your face, kiss it! Im making you my slave. Man I should have went to the bathroom before i started doing squats in your face, I grab myself in desperation, but cant hold it much longer. It all comes out...................... A waterfall of piss drips in my crotch, down my legs and all over the floor. Get in here! Lick this all up! every last drop . Soaking wet on my leggings, panties, floor mat. I have to strip everything because it leaked through all sheets! Be a good pee slave as i shove this urine crotch in your face,loser. How lucky you are to get this honor. Keep sucking these dry!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Creative Alert: Elan Vital

Queen Arena Rome has released a new Mesmerize clip "Elan Vital", it is - as she described-  a very important step for sub training. it is a real session and a real experience for slaves. 

Simply.. In this sacred rite of you becoming hers. she will allow you to drink from her.  Her life coerce flowing from her mouth onto her regal breast streaming down straight into your mouth.

what are you waiting for ..  buy it now

Friday, September 1, 2017

Review: Arena Disciplines Cuck

Starring: Arena Rome
Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 609 MB
Format: MP4 
Resolution:  HD 1280 × 720
Category: FEMDOM
Keywords: femdom, bdsm, hammer, chastity, magic wand, heels, verbal humiliation, lingerie, hardware, milf, thong

Added: 5/20/16 5:23pm

The true life Cuckoldress Arena was planning to unlock her cuckold from chastity as soon as she gets home. When she reaches there she discovers that he was watching porn and using magic wand on his cage. It is obviously he was trying to steal a desperate release behind her back. 

Arena is pissed off now, and she wants to teach him a good lesson. She walks to the other room and pulls a heavy hammer from the tool box. When she walks the camera follows her which give you a great view to her ass.

She goes back to him and teaches him a good lesson, then the clip ends with a HOTTEST scene ever. The scene that has both erotic and sadistic in it.

Do you want how she did it? You must BUY the clip NOW.

Clip Analyzation

The clip was shot with steady camera, changed location and angles.

Monologue: Arena Rome is talented. Her ability to play with words is incredible.

Arena Rome instructs you to cum and keep the load in your mouth until you cum again and swallow it.

Characterization: Arena Rome disciplines her cuck in a painful way.

The Editing was done nicely.

Costume design
Arena Rome wears a black dress and red thong.

Imagine Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5

  • I saw seconds of this clip from a public teaser and couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was a mallet so I run to buy it. When I watched my heart skipped a beat.
  • The ball busting method used in this clip is new to me yet it is very painful.
  • Arena is stunning, she is beautiful and powerful.
  • One of the kinkiest ballbusting clip! amazing, the whole thing is amazing.
  • Keep in mine that this is one of  QAR “vintage” clips. Her new clips has new Sound, studio, body, equipment, etc. has changed/grown in leaps and bounds.

Clip Description

I come home planning to release my cuckold from chastity and give him a little treat and what do I discover? The fat fuck is trying to cum with a magic wand vibrating his cage. I unlock him alright and let the ball busting commence. Invest in this video for your collection to find out how!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Review: Small Dick Fag

Title: Small Dick Fag
Starring: Princess Sheridan
Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 530 MB
Format: MP4 
Resolution:  Full HD 1920x1080
Keywords: small, jerk, masturbation, faggot, small penis, verbal, bratty, humiliation, pov, mean, brat, insult, femdom

Added: 4/17/17 12:34pm


Princess Sheridan begins the clip by asking you to pull out your dick and jerk off. Don’t think it is a sweet masturbation instruction clip because you are totally wrong. From the first second Princess Sheridan will shower you with strong insults. 

She begins with the size and shape of your cock. Your cock as a symbol of your manhood will be degraded by her perfectly. Then she will attack your personally. And your cock will keep getting harder and harder. You can not help it, because Sheridan looks smoking hot in that yellow top with a generous cleavage cut. Her beautiful face and charming eyes will steal your mind. And from her sweet lips, tons of humiliation will come out to you. 

Don’t think it’s going to end up to this point. Princess Sheridan has more for you. After a minute she will begin to talk you as a faggot. She tells you how you love a big fat cock inside you. You worship her and you will suck cock for her. Because you are a faggot for Sheridan. She tells you all that and yet your cock gets ever hander as you stroke for her. 

She mocks the way you jerk it, it is not how real men do it. She even demonstrates it for you. How you do it with two fingers pathetically and how real men would do it. And your breath will be taken away by see her boobs jiggling as she moves her hand up and down. 

She wants you to jerk off, she wants you to empty those balls and waste all of your seed in this humiliating way. She wants you to jerk off only and not be able to have sex or procreate. She laughs at you while flipping you off. But all that will not stop you from get more horny and jerking like a monkey.

Princess Sheridan will not go easy on you. She will tease you with no mercy. She will use her perfect body to set you on fire. Just imagine her bubble soft ass shaking in your face. Imagine what the will do to you. Imagine pulling her top up and showing off her Pink bra to you. 

Princess Sheridan will make sure that she works you up to the point of explosion and press the button to force all the sperm out of you, Loser.

Clip Analyzation

The clip was shot in pov style with steady camera.

Monologue: Princess Sheridan is very talented and natural. Her ability to insult men with words is incredible.

Princess Sheridan knows you are a fagget loser, she wants you to jerk off and empty your balls for her.

Characterization: Princess Sheridan is powerful, she will make you do whatever she wants without yelling.

The Editing was done nicely.

Costume design
Princess Sheridan wears a yellow top, pink bra and leopard panties.

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
”You are jerking yourself out of the gene pool.”

Imagine Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5


  • This clip has more than one fetish: it is joi, forced bi and sph.
  • Princess Sheridan will mock your dick and make you look at it then spit on it. (5:20).
  • The humiliation dose is very high in the clip.
  • This clip is a Custom Clip. Order yours NOW:

Clip Description

Small Dick Fag
A Custom Clip but the name is removed. I really like the new editing software I'm using! Anyway...

Fucking small dick loser! Right faggot? Like that? Like it when I'm all bratty and mean and insult you? You look so stupid jerking off while I berate you! A must have for small penis humiliation jerk off addicts.