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Review: Twisted JOI #3

Starring: Lady Valencia
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 864 MB
Format: MP4 
Resolution:  Full HD 1920x1080
Category: MIND FUCK 
Sub Category: #Ass, #Chastity Encouragement, #Cum Countdown, #Femdom, #Goddess, #Humiliation, #JOI, #Lingerie, #Mind Fuck, #Tits, Chastity, Jerk Off Instruction

Added:  4/12/18 10:35pm

Her Highness Lady Valencia returns with a new segment of her mind blowing series (Twisted JOI). The series that she has promised it will make the viewer beg to be in chastity after watching it. 

The first two sequels gained so much attention and become so popular. As results many boys ended up asked begged to be in chastity. But Her Highness does not seem to had enough of locked up boys. No wonder she truly believe that men belongs in chastity. She came in this sequel with fresh new ideas to serve her purpose.

After seeing many of boys loved the first segment and begged to be in chastity. Her Highness Lady Valencia wants more because her famous rule is: men belong in chastity.

The clip starts where Her Highness Lady Valencia in her smoking hot red lingerie in her bedroom. I have no idea how can you resist her beauty and her powerful eyes.

She tells you that she has not forget about you. It has been awhile since twisted joi 2, but she keeps that in mind.

This clip is much bigger than the other, it has to be done in 48 hours. It’s not an easy task. But as Her Highness knows exactly how stupid horny boys can be, the rules are simple and easy to follow.. She goes step by step until everything is clear for you. The introduction will take about three minutes.

Then the session begins, Her Highness Lady Valencia starts teasing with her perfect body, and encouraging you to jerk off and follow the order. She wants you to do it right and make her happy. She wants you to be a good boy. She sways her hot body in front of you, your mouth will be watering as you jerk off fast for her. As her soft voice pushes you to the edge. I can assure you that your weak mind will think of only one thing: her. She is too hot for a weak horny boy like you.  Her hands are running all over her body, can you resist watching her touching herself like that? I highly doubt it. No one can.

Specially when she leans forward and gets her cleavage closer to you. Can you imagine her divine cleavage and her hands cupping. She makes her divine tits bounce in your face. And when she turns and allow you to look at her perfect sweet ass in her red thong. And when she bends down and gets her ass even closer to you, you almost see beyond the thong. Your brain will be melting down because this is too hot to watch. She reaches her hand between her legs and massage the thong, up to her ass and down to her pussy and SLAP. You will hear a crisp clear sound of a slap on her pussy.

She faces you and get very closer to you, so her boobs is all you can see. She plays with them with her hands. Jiggling, cupping, massaging. And her cleavage will push you over the edge.

Then finally, she will allow you to cum for her after a short countdown. So you can continue with the rest of your instruction.  

Remember in this session your orgasm is not the question, and it’s just a path for your torture. At the end you will beg Her Highness Lady Valencia to be in chastity.

BUY the clip NOW. And live this session for real.

Clip Analyzation

The clip was shot in pov style with steady camera.

Monologue: Lady Valencia knows how to control men with her words. She understands how male brain works and she uses that for her advantage. 

You will notice that she uses the term “good boy” and mentions it several times to engrave it in your brain. Just like training a dog.
Also you she uses  the word “boy” instead of man  in the clip. Also She has a way in giving instruction that simple and straight forward, just like when you instruct a stupid boy. This ability to send hidden messages in between lines to completely own your mind.

Lady Valencia wants you to jerk off to her twisted JOI and complete the task if you failed you will lock your dick in chastity.

Characterization: Lady Valencia is so hard to resist. She doesn’t need to yell at you to make you follow orders.

The Editing was down nicely.

Costume design
Lady Valencia wears red bra and thong

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
“you are gonna feel so gross that you wish you were in chastity” 

Imagine Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5


  • I love how Her Highness Lady Valencia comes up with new twisted ideas to break down men.
  • I love how Her Highness is not afraid of breaking taboo and pushing limits.
  • At 9:41 Her Highness spanks her own divine ass and at 10:23 slaps her divine pussy. 
  • Lots of viewers have sent to Her Highness Lady Valencia to be locked up after watching this one and it became best selling.
  • Make sure you buy  "Twisted JOI #1” and "Twisted JOI #2” as well. I have reviewed both of them. Read the reviews here & here.

Clip Description

Seeing how many of you loved Twisted JOI clips 1 and 2, and became My chastity bitches get ready for number 3.... men belong in chastity, but since you refuse to you'll be subjected to only the most disturbing JOI.  What is this JOI about?  I'm not telling you beforehand.  My twisted mind isn't about to let you jerk off before watching or run away scared.  Are you brave?  Are you up for a challenge?  Can you complete this JOI clip?  This is My best work yet and the third in My "Twisted JOI" series.  By the end of these you'll be begging Me to put you in permanent chastity.  

Monday, May 21, 2018

Series: Ruined Reprogramming

The Sweet Destruction Goddess Kalina has started a new Series last April. The series is a full month training program divided into 4 weeks. The main goal of this is ruining your orgasms over and over. By the end of the series your brain will be totally ruined as well for her.

BUY them NOW

Week 1

Published Apr 24, 2018
Femdom, Orgasm Denial

It's time for your ruined reprogramming. For the next month you will be allowed to stroke and cum as much as you want... As long as you follow one rule... You will ruin every single orgasm you get for me, your Goddess. You are going to sacrifice your pleasure, because it excites me. Because I find it so exhilarating to have complete control of your orgasms, and in turn your very manhood as well. Each week I will be releasing another part to this series. The final day will have a special clip. A clip where you can finally cum for me. But this will be reserved for the good boys that complete this task. That go a full month with nothing but ruined orgasms. I love what ruined orgasms can do to your brain. You compile the horny thoughts until you are consumed with them and can think of nothing more. Just follow my instructions into full submission for me.

Week 2

Published May 1, 2018
Ruined Orgasms, Sub Training

I know that this ruined reprogramming is probably feeling quite hard right now. But that why I love it, I love making it difficult on you to sacrifice your pleasure for me. I am only going to make it harder this week. I want you to crave that pleasure, that release more than ever before. So stroke that cock for me, exactly how I say. Follow my lead and obey, you know you need more. And there is only one way to get it. Keep sacrificing those orgasms no matter how hard it gets! Just keep saying Goddess Kalina owns my cock and let it dribble out..

Week 3

Published May 8, 2018
Femdom POV, Ruined Orgasms

Each week gets a little harder, and with the final week coming up I have decided to toy with you and tease you...slowly. Every Stroke slow and methodical. You will edge until your cock turns purple. Saying Goddess Kalina owns my cock over and over. Feeling the power of my mantra until you can no longer fight it. Letting your cock dribble out every last drop. Ruined Orgasms are mind altering and you are beginning to love it!

Week 4

Published May 16, 2018
Femdom POV, Orgasm Control

This is your final and most difficult week. But I want you to realize how lucky you have been. I have allowed you to stroke, even if I have taken away orgasms I have still brought you so much pleasure over the past month. I could have locked you away in chastity and denied you forever. Instead I chose to control your cock completely in the best kind of way.. The way that reprograms you. The way that makes you need me more than you ever thought you could. You don't even care anymore how I control your cock... As long as I control It forever!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Interview: Lady Valencia

Her Highness Lady Valencia. She is a a Financial Dominatrix and Female Supremacist. She is a sadistic ProDomme with 8 years of experience She was born and raised in California. If you enter her world you will fall under her spell. you'll never regret it.

In your family there are lots of strong women, how did that effect Lady Valencia the Domme?
Answer: I was able to see that Women are much more than how the world presents Us. We are capable, fierce, intelligent, resourceful, strong, independent, and resilient individuals. We don't need to be with a man/men, therefore if We choose to have one in Our life he must be exceptional. We can financially support Ourselves and don't need to be dependent on men.

You said before that you discovered the Femdom world at age 18 and since then you practiced it in your personal and professional lives. Would you please share with us one of your early experiences ?

Answer: When I was 18 I used to use Craigslist personals to hook up with guys for fun.  One day I decided to make one guy fuck the other guy while I watched in amusement.  I felt the tremendous power that comes with convincing men to do what I want even if they don't really want to. They do it because My wants are more important than theirs and they know it and wish to please Me.

You often use the term “good boy”. Why does this term have a deep impact on men? Do you think men are dogs?
Answer: I am usually cruel towards My subs so it is rare for them to hear it from Me.  They know that the only way they'll get to hear Me say, "Good boy", is that they must go above and beyond. When I say it to them they know they have impressed Me and it makes them happy. 
I don't think that men are dogs. I much prefer to call them worm, cunt, or bitch. I enjoy taking derogatory words used on Women and turning the table by using them on men.

What are the benefits of destroying the male ego and how do you achieve it?
Answer: I strip away the male ego in order to rebuild a man into My perfect submissive.  If a man has an ego he will be more concerned with his wants and his self-image than Me.  That is not acceptable
Each man is different so I don't have a one size fits all way of going about the destruction of the male ego.  My two favorite methods however are chastity and/or humiliation.  

Do you think slaves are born submissive or get enslaved later?
Answer: I believe that slaves are born submissive but don't always realize it until they get older or some event occurs.

How do you make subs remain submissive even after they have an orgasm? 
Answer: I don't let them orgasm or I make them go immediately back into chastity and only allow them to jerk off to humiliating material that reminds them that they deserve to be in chastity.

When you were born puts you in a unique place between Taurus and Aries, how much of their characteristics are in you? 
Answer: I am not much a believer in astrology but I do humor it sometimes. One of those signs is a bull and the other is a ram. I am definitely headstrong, stubborn, and determined. Whether that’s due to astrology or life is another question entirely.

What are your favorite books, music and movies?
Answer: I love reading mysteries and Russian history.  I used to read the Nancy Drew series as a kid, and I mean the whole 100 plus books.  I am and always have been such a huge bookworm. I just can't gain enough knowledge.
As far as music goes I enjoy reggae the most. I used to hate country but now there is a lot of it that I like. I'm really not a huge music person though. I enjoy it but the only time I listen to it is when I'm driving or another person turns it on or plays it
I like sappy romantic comedies, dramas and movies featuring a strong Female lead. I'm much more into tv shows these days. 

You used to Dom in person only, what are the benefits of branching out as an online Domme as well?
Answer: It makes life a lot easier.  I travel a lot so now I can Domme no matter where I am.  I'm enjoying being able to get really creative by filming clips. Plus, I'm getting to learn a lot about filming, editing, lighting, and building a website. I still have a lot to learn but it's fun to.

Is there a specific type of slave that is drawn to you?
Answer: I find that I attract a lot of guys who are more turned on by intellect than beauty.  Men who enjoy how twisted and creative I am will always find Me, as well as dedicated subs who are more interested in true servitude than pay to play/sessioning. 

Have any of your clients tried to top from the bottom with you? 
Answer: No, never. They'd be gone so fast.

What is your favorite fetish to do in person and your favorite one to shoot for a clip?
Answer: In person I really enjoy CBT and inflicting pain. When I film I enjoy giving truly disturbing JOI and tease and denial. I don't like doing tease and denial in person because no man truly deserves such a privilege.

How do you choose what to film, and where do you get your inspiration from?
Answer: Sometimes I really think out My clips and sometimes I just wing it so to speak. I try to film a little bit of everything and see which clips attract the most clients that I like. I'm still in the research phase.  I get My inspiration from twisted thoughts that pop into My brain.

You just released the third clip of your remarkable series “Twisted JOI”, would you please talk about your permanent chastity philosophy and how the idea came to you?
Answer: I read about it and studied it and then as I practiced it I've come to a couple realizations. Chastity keeps men submissive and focused on Me and the less a man cums the less of an ego he has.

You had a clip featuring your man massaging your back, and a few with other subs being tortured. How were those experiences compared to filming solo?
Answer: It was a bit odd doing a clip with My man at first but he's always willing to and very supportive of Me. Once We got into it it worked out nicely. 

Are you planning to film more clips with men or teaming up with other Dommes in future?
Answer: I plan on doing more clips with subs at some point and hopefully other Dommes.  In the meantime, I'm going to do more clips with My man.

Is there a specific clip that is a good introduction for new slaves that wish to know Lady Valencia?
Answer: If a man really wants to get to know Me and how My mind works he needs to buy "Twisted JOI #1". 

What is the best way for slaves to show you that they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil you?
Answer: A tribute, preferably of $100 plus, and an email stating why they wish to serve Me specifically and why I should choose to give them the opportunity to serve Me.

What is your advice for online slaves to be better slaves?
Answer: Read Dommes' websites and profiles, and do your research on Them.  Make sure you want to serve a specific Domme and why before approaching.  Follow a Domme's instructions for how to contact and serve them. Lastly, approach with a tribute to show that you are serious and not interested in wasting Her time.

If we were doing this interview in person, how would it end?
Answer: I'd kick you in the balls, have you thank Me, and then place your money at My feet.

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Twisted JOI

Interview by other sites:

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Series: Twisted JOI

Her Highness Lady Valencia has started with project in November 2017. It is a hot unique series called "Twisted JOI". the main goal of this series is to put view into horrible jerk off session until he asks for permanent chastity. Her Highness has said many time that she believes in this fact that all men belong in chastity. until now she has released three clips in this series. Each one has its own idea and instruction, but all of them will make you beg for chastity.

I has been lucky enough to review two clips of the series, ready about them here & here. but You won't believe it until you try it yourself. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Creative Alert: You Know That I'm The Reason You're In Chastity Right

Goddess Josie has released a new clip called "You Know That I'm The Reason You're In Chastity Right?". This clip is so creative and hot that it has more than one idea and more than one fetish. You will get into a real experince of a locked up husband and your wife's friend comes by. She will tell you embarrssing memories, shock you with some facts and end up ruining your orgasm.


You Know I'm The Reason You're In Chastity Right?

Hi there. No, don't try to put your pants on. I know all about your chastity cage and how your wife makes you stay nude whenever you're at home so she can toy with it whenever she wants. She told me how much fun it is to walk by and flick it or give those balls a squeeze or a smack. She told me that she binge-watched an entire season of her favorite show the other day, with no panties on, and made you lay back with your legs spread in front of her and just stare at her perfect pussy, while she rubbed her feet all over your caged cock and tiny balls for hours. She said she had never seen the shade of blue that your balls turned. My favorite part is that she made you lick up every drop of pre-cum off her foot that leaked out of your pathetically tiny caged cock. Your wife said that you cried yourself to sleep that night. She said your sobs made her so wet that she quietly flicked her clit lying next to you and brought herself to at least three orgasms before she fell . She said you were still crying when she dozed off. I'm here to tell you that all of your sufferings are because of me. Well, it's your actions towards me that caused all this actually. Remember two months ago at that party when you got all tipsy and cornered me where no one could see? You grabbed my tit and tried to kiss me. So I smashed your balls with my knee and left you curled up in pain on the floor. Yeah, I told your wife about that. She wanted to divorce you. I told her no....that was far to good for a pathetic bitch like you. I told her about a guy I dated and how much fun we had playing tease and denial and chastity games. He and I mutually enjoyed it, the self-restraint, the self-control it takes to deny, not only the other person, but yourself as well. The problem for him was that I started to enjoy it more than him. He was supposed to be let out of his cage for weekly release. I ruined every one of his orgasms for six months straight. When he came to me crying one day saying he couldn't take it anymore, I called him a pussy and told him that we were through. Then I took his chastity key and flushed it down the toilet in front of him. I wonder if he's still locked up…. Anyway, she wanted me to come here to allow you out of your cage. Don't get too happy. I'm here to ruin your orgasm, not give you one. If you don't ruin it, if you cum, she will send pictures of your tiny caged cock and blue balls to everyone you know. So the choice is yours: ruin your own orgasm or be completely humiliated. Let's see what you decide.

Related Categories: CHASTITY, FEMDOM POV, FEMDOM, VERBAL HUMILIATION, SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION Keywords: joi, pov, fetish, redhead, josie66girl, josy6girl, josy66girl, sph
Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 161 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080

Added: 4/2/18 8:09pm

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Series: Boyfriend to Bitch, Girlfriend to Goddess

The Sweet Destruction Goddess Kalina has released a new Series. Each one covers specific area and by the end She will transform a regular relationship between Girlfriend and boyfriend to a worship relationship. if you love femdom and GirlFriend Experience. 

Part 1: Boyfriend to Bitch

Published Mar 19, 2018
Cum Eating Instructions, Femdom
Really? Letting me catch you again jerking off? Haven't we talked about this? Haven't I told you that I think only pathetic beta males jerk their dicks? You really chose to sneak off and watch porn over coming to fuck me? What is it that you're watching that's so fucking exciting? OMG! I should have known you are such a bitch. Of fuckin' course it's femdom porn... Well bitch guess what? You aren't the only one into femdom! I am too but I would never ever date a nasty little beta male like you! No no no. We're over Bitch. You are just going to become my nasty little hand humper. coerced to accept never having a woman again! First task for you... Eat your cum for me tonight... And accept that your nasty jerking habit made you go from my Boyfriend to my Bitch real fast.
#Bratty Goddess, #Breakup, #CEI, #Cum Eating Instructions, #Femdom, #GFE, #Humiliation, #Masturbation Humiliation, #Mean Girlfriend, #Roleplay

Part 2: Girlfriend to Goddess

Published Mar 20, 2018
Chastity, Femdom
Part two of Boyfriend to Bitch! I can't believe you're really going to try and beg for me back after letting me catch you again jerking off! You are so pathetic. You're addicted to jerking your dick. Eating your cum wasn't punishment enough. Not at all! No, if you want me to let you live the facade of still "being with me" you are going to have to do whatever I want. Starting with moving into the guest room. I don't want you in the way when I bring home other men. Continuing with what I will expect from you daily. And last but not least y of course be sacrificing your orgasms for me. DUH! And locking your cock up for me. I know I know I went from girlfriend to Goddess real fast. But my it's my way or the high way so what's it going to be bitch?
#Chastity, #Chastity Encouragement, #Femdom, #Femdom POV, #Financial Slavery, #Fishnet Fetish, #House Slave, #Mean Girlfriend, #Role Play, #Slave Training

Friday, February 23, 2018

Review: Your Cage Made You Too Small

Starring: Josie Caraway (Josie6Girl)
Written by: Josie Caraway & Odin Thoth
Price: $7.99 USD
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 346 MB
Format: MP4 
Resolution:  Full HD 1920x1080
Category: CHASTITY 

Added: 2/5/18 9:00pm

Josie wants to talk to you. You are in your room and she is standing in front of you. “Sweetie” that’s how she starts the conversation. She talks to you about the great achievement that both of you had done in last years. Since you adopted chastity as a lifestyle things got  much better between you two. Your marriage has become so perfect that most of women dream of. This is great and she is happy with you. 

Chastity has effected your personality and made you a much nicer person s well as a great lover. She talks in details about the benefits of locking you up in chastity and how was that the right decision. She tells you al the hot thing you want to know and you will be proud of yourself to hear. She tells you how are your oral skills got way better. She calls you the best at this. No wonder why she asks you to lick her daily. She keeps telling you about your sex life until she reaches to the strap-on thing. 

She tells you how great your performance with the strap-on. You have learned to pleases her very well using that big thick strap-on. And that’s the most important part in this conversation. Your beloved wife wants to keep doing all this forever.  Your weak mind will sense that there is something wrong. She notices your confusion. 

She will explain in details how things will be going from now on. See, when you wanted to try chastity years ago your dick wasn’t that big. And you must have noticed that each year you replace your cage with a smaller one. Do you know what does that mean? Let you beloved wife tells you with passion. Your cage made your dick too small, it is not fuck-able anymore. Yours is so tiny now and she will not allow you to stick that tiny thing inside her. NEVER.

Your heart will be broken and your locked up dick will try to get hard. She is too hot but her words are so cruel. Is this will be your way?  She will explain everything to you. Don’t worry. How you will get off from now on. She even will give you your key back to unlock the cage and jerk off to her. In that part I assure you that you will be crying while beating your meat in front of your wife. She will be standing with her legs spread open exposing her soft divine pussy. The pussy that you will never fuck. You will squeeze your balls and cum with tears on your cheeks. But you will love her forever.


Clip Analyzation

The clip was shot in pov style with steady camera.

Monologue: Josie knows how to choose her words to control your mind. 

Josie wants to know how that you will never fuck her again with your tiny dick and that you will get a release by jerking off only.

Characterization: Josie l is so hard to resist, I don't think you can’t say no to her orders. She doesn’t need yell. Her voice has the power to bring you down. She is very attractive.  

Costume design
Josie red outfit reveals a good view for her incredible cleavage. She wears also red panties that she will remove at the end of the clip.

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
”You are no longer going to be sticking your tiny teeny little in me.”
“you know you are a great lover, it’s not just the way you lick my pussy, it’s also the way you tongue bathe my ass”.

Imagine Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5

  • This clip the first clip I have ever seen that as “writers” which means there is a brain behind it.
  • Josie is so natural, you will feel that she is your wife for real and you will love every second.
  • At the end of the clip, Josie will take off her panties and show you her divine pussy.
  • I noticed that Josie insist on “squeezing” the balls. And when I looked up in her store I found that it is there in many clips. I will write a full article about her philosophy on that later.

Clip Description

Sweety, we need to talk. Since we've been living the chastity lifestyle our marriage has become the stuff most women only dream of. You're so attentive, so caring, so giving. I love all the little gifts you give me all the time. I love how much you help out around the house and I can't believe how much nicer you are to all my friends. Though, I think we both know the best part has been how much it has improved our sex life. I love what a giving lover you've learned to be. Your oral skills are the best, though you probably guessed that since I demand you lick me every day. It's not just how well you please my pussy with your mouth and tongue though. It's also how well you tongue bathe my ass and feet too. There is one thing though. You know how lately I've been demanding you wear a big strap-on to fuck me with? You know how I've been saying how great you've learned to move your hips and pound me? I've decided that's the only way I want you to fuck me from now on. Yes, that means what you think it means. I'm not going to let you stick your tiny dick in me anymore. It's just that you kept wanting to get more and more into this lifestyle and the cages kept getting smaller and smaller over the years. Your dick also kept getting smaller and smaller. Your dick wasn't a dick that could afford to do that and still hope to fuck. Your dick was tiny, to begin with. These cages have only exacerbated the problem. I just can't pretend to want something that small inside of me anymore. What? No, I'm not going to be blowing you either. In fact, other than teasing your balls, while your caged, I won't be touching it at all. It's just so small and gross now. No woman wants that anywhere near her. I'm going to let you out of your cock cage now because I can see that you're devastated. What? No, I'm not going to let you fuck me one last time. The part of your life where you get to feel a woman's warm, wet pussy wrapped around your teeny dick is over. Forever. You can stroke that little guy and look at her though. Look at this perfect pussy that you will never be allowed to enter again. Get up close and really admire her. It's ok if you cry a little bit while you stare at the heavenly place you will never get to go again. Keep stroking and staring and thinking of how awful it's going to feel everytime you realize you'll never be inside her again. Stroke, now squeeze those tiny balls and get ready for your cum countdown. You're going to shoot your load and I want you to make sure you catch it all. I want you to eat your cum load while staring at my pussy, thinking of how you'll never get to taste a load of cum from inside me again. Unless it's someone else's cum load of course.