Thursday, September 12, 2013

Creative Alert: Self sucking BBC therapy

Mistress Mandy Flores has a new clip called "Self sucking BBC therapy". it has a great idea where is is a therapist who help you to get over your problem. the clip is based on racial humiliation theme where she used the fact that black men has bigger cocks against them by making you suck your own big black cock!

You, a black man, have been suspended from your job for being caught sending naked pictures to several white female coworkers and even stroking your dick at your desk at work. In order to keep your job, you were ordered by your boss to complete a sex therapy course with me, Miss Flores the sexiest white therapist ever to help you get over your "n.igger" sex urges. Initially, I question you about why are you sending naked pictures of yourself to only white females and I ask you just how big is your n.igger dick? Since you seem to like to fucking show it off all the time, I order you to show me. I know from experience that n.iggers and their dicks can’t help themselves when it cums to white women and in order for you to be able to function in society I prescribe a self-suck therapy program to keep your big n.igger dick from being stiff all the damn time. You are to report to me once a week for a self-suck session. This way I will know firsthand that you are following the therapy plan. I show you how to suck your dick with my BBC dildo. Worshiping your dick just isnt quite enough so to help you over to edge to cum in your own mouth I show the prize that all black men love....big white girl ass! (Warning. Contains racial slurs directed at blacks. Please do not purchase if you would be offended.)
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Price: $ 17.99 EURO
Length: 15 minutes
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Format: MP4 
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